Steps for Fire Risk Assessment

Fire risk assessment, the term itself says a lot. Identification of all potential sources of ignition which can give rise to fire such as naked flames, hot surfaces (like heaters, electrical equipment, lighting), other potential fire hazards like cutting, welding of equipment etc. is termed as fire risk assessment.

Now let’s shift our focus to what are the steps for fire risk assessment.

There are five key steps to fire risk assessment:-

  • Identification of fire hazards

Some of the important hazards caused by fire should be considered while assessing the risk level.

      • Smoke,
      • Oxygen depletion,
      • Heat and flames,
      • Structural failure of buildings,
      • Gaseous combustion products.

For a fire to erupt, it requires source of fuel and heat. If the above fire hazards are reduced, kept apart or removed then the risk can be minimized.

  • Identification of people at risk

Assess risk to the health and safety of anyone who might be affected with your activities, may it be workers or cleaners or maintenance persons or even visitors etc. Specific steps should be taken to ensure that people affected are made aware of the danger and the necessary action they should take to ensure safety.

  • Assess, reduce or remove the risk of fire hazards

Attempt to classify each area as high, medium or low risk. Consider necessary preventive steps and compensatory measures accordingly.

  • Note your findings, prepare an emergency plan and provide fire safety training

Make sure to note all your findings and necessary evaluations. Write down significant hazards and record most important conclusions. Ensure to keep the written document for future reference or use.

  • Regular reviews and update of fire risk assessment

Continually monitor your fire risk assessment and existing fire safety arrangements to ensure it remains realistic. Make sure to adhere to fire safety standards.

Thus, risk assessment is not only mere paper work rather it is the sensible measures to control risks at your work place. Fire risk assessment helps in deciding whether all the necessary steps have been taken or not. It is wise to review the assessment timely and amend the necessary steps. Fire safety training, fire risk assessment and awareness towards fire hazards play an important role to avoid major incidents and accidents.

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