Tap into career opportunities in animation and eLearning

career opportunities in animation

If we talk about animation, there’s hardly any individual who has not been through any animated movie in his/her life. Personally, living in the Indian subcontinent, my childhood was flooded with animation movies such as Tom and Jerry, Popeye shows etc. Watching the main characters always intensified my feelings – I used to wonder who creates them and puts in efforts to retain the audience’s interest.

As I grew up, I realized that there were animators behind the screen creating those feelings.

The area of animation is basically vast – people working there are basically sculptors, often having to build a pose in 3D rather than drawing them.

Indulge and work relentlessly

And the COVID-19 pandemic has only increased the appetite in industries for visual experiences, generating great employment scope in today’s world. Be it cinema buffs, e-sports enthusiasts, training heads or gamers, the plea for high quality productions with engaging visual effects and realistic animation is pushing studios to include more animation shorts into their films and training.

Industrial animation, no doubt, works on an altogether different level, where employees get more engrossed into the work and feel of the video – but still the groundwork remains the same.

From technology-based jobs such as scanning, compositing to the creative ones such as visual effects supervisors, 3D modelers and character animators.

career opportunities in animation

Explore EHS and OHS area with a career in animation and eLearning

If your interest is somewhere between the world of arts and creativity, and the field excites you, one can make a place in the fascinating world of special effects animation and VFX. Animation and VFX is a part of the entertainment industry that greatly spans movies, video games, television, commercials, and industrial courses etc. 

According to the latest statistics, the Animation and VFX Market can grow at a CAGR of over 9% from 2021 to 2026. As there’s an advent of industrial projects too, in the animation, there’s now no looking back.

In such a specialized and competitive field, one needs to be sure that he/she ‘ve got the chops to grow before investing your time and energy into continuing with an animation career path. To help get you effectively introduced to the industry, we compiled some need-to-know jobs for you.

They include –

  • Background artist
  • Character animator
  • Clean-up artist
  • 2D animator
  • 3D animator
  • Image editor
  • Key frame artist
  • Modeler
  • Rigging artist
  • Storyboard artist
  • Layout artist
  • Rigging artist

And many more…

Bring life into an object or a character with animation, special effects and other visual images using your electronic tools for incident recreations, process SOPs, industrial inductions or any eLearning safety course.

Train yourself to become fit-in

If one wishes to optimize performances, it is a common tendency indeed to take the team as a baIf you’re considering pursuing a career in animation, the next step is to consider whether you have the inherent qualities that lend themselves well to the profession. Of course there will be some technical training required, but it helps to know you might already be a natural fit.

It usually becomes a tedious and longer process than it is generally perceived.  It requires an artistic eye who enjoys breaking things down to see how they work. 

Take this as an example – a non-animator might not notice the stranger who lies in line ahead of them at a coffee shop. But one who is attentive to details (animator) sees and might analyze that individual — from their given postures and facial expressions.

career opportunities in animation

While they possess an observant eye, as well as the willingness to continually improve the way they observe form and space. Animators must have a great understanding of a form in 3D space, whether their information is transferred manually or digitally, which seeks out processes and practices to help people work better.

If your next question is, how do we create a space for individuals to thrive, our answer lies above. Tap into our purpose of building safety animation and eLearning stories for everyone and work as ones creating –

  • Frames and animated environments with backgrounds, objects, and set
  • Design characters, storyboards and create realistic models
  • Use software and work for teams that include actors, directors, and designers
  • Ensure movement timings to meet script and soundtrack requirements
  • Photographs of an actor’s movement to animate as a 3D character 

If you have the relevant degrees in animation, do not hesitate a bit. This career path proposes ongoing opportunities for future employment and growth. 

As a fresher, if this works for you, we assure you that you’ll love bringing images to life. Visit our site here ELearning to comprehend what we have stated above, and you’ll know for yourself!

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