The Digital Support to Chemical Waste Management

A case study for waste generation covering 15 industrial estates in Gujarat, India, was carried out for hazardous waste management planning for those areas. A detailed study found that waste category number 12 (sludge from effluent treatment plant) and waste category number 9 (waste from dye and dye intermediate units) were dominant among the other categories of waste generation in each district. Therefore, a waste management system for secure landfill, with or without pre-treatment and incineration, is necessary. The plan may be in the process according to the local laws and regulations.

Chemical waste management is a process wherein the safety laws and regulations at local, national, and international levels are strict. And that is because chemical waste is hazardous to the environment, health and safety at alarming levels. Controlling chemical waste right from the household level is crucial. If untreated chemical waste reaches the landfill, it is dangerous.

But managing chemical waste is not at all easy. In fact, handling chemical waste is an arduous task. Additionally, strict compliance makes it challenging to segregate and dispose of chemical waste. 

This is where a comprehensive waste management system, to dispose off waste in the most compliant way, comes to the rescue.

Chemical Waste Management Challenges

As explained above, chemical waste management is more than just a primary waste disposal task. The increasing population, demand, and supply chain, and depleting resources are the top layer challenges faced by the chemical industry. But there are many hidden layers to the challenges the chemical industry faces. 

Let us briefly discuss these challenges and then move into the details of solving them in a disciplined way.

1. Asynchronous Working Processes

Departments need to work together and synchronize, even for waste disposal processes. For example, the R&D department must not dump experimental waste in a generalized way. They should be trained to sort the garbage in their respective bins. 

Asynchronous waste disposal processes take a toll on the safety department as the EHS team is blamed for improper waste disposal and has to face the brunt of regulatory consequences.

2. Economic Toll

We understand that chemical waste disposal can be heavy on the pockets. The chemical sector has to invest in waste disposal management measurably. Removing multiple chemical wastes, segregating them, understanding each disposal method, and then disposing of them accordingly require time and resources. Therefore, the chemical sector needs ways wherein the processes are simplified and budgeted.

3. Lack of Technology

Many chemical plants are still reluctant to incorporate waste management software. They feel it will get complicated and tedious. But this reluctance to adopt technology leads to more complications while dealing with waste management.

To tackle the above challenges, waste management must be proactively managed. A digital waste management system efficiently manages hazardous waste management while complying with all the applicable regulations.

A Digital Waste Management System

Digital waste management centralizes the waste management process from generation, storage, and transportation to disposal. This centralized process ensures that waste disposal methods comply with the standard rules and regulations and decrease negative EHS impacts.

A waste management digital tool;

  • Manages a centralized inventory for all types of waste.
  • Provides visibility of the entire waste management process
  • Generates timely and accurate reports.
  • Provisions to dispose of bio-medical waste by authorized medical officers.
  • Sets up a common waste disposal request
  • Keeps track of all waste disposal records for internal and external audits.

As waste management gets complex, the digital method is necessary for transparent and managed waste disposal methods. 

Benefits of Rising Technology for Waste Management

We agree that reducing and recycling waste are the best options for waste management. But waste is generated in leaps and bounds, so a systematic way needs to be introduced right from generation till it gets disposed of or recycled. Therefore digital waste management delivers more benefits than just organizing waste management.

It averts severe illnesses to humans and the environment.

When waste is disposed off the right away, the environment, people handling it, and people near it are saved from the severe illnesses it causes. 

It prevents inefficient processes.

When industrial or household waste is abundant, it gets complicated to organize and segregate scrap. When a proper waste management process is in place, there is no scope for inadequate methods. These processes ensure good waste disposal while adhering to the regulatory compliances of waste disposal.

The documentation is up to date.

Government bodies are getting stricter by the hour for waste disposal. They require accurate, transparent, and up-to-date reports and documents on the waste disposal processes. Sometimes information needs to be disclosed to the public; therefore, it has to be faultless. A digital system seamlessly generates real-time reports leaving no room for error.

The digital system is just the start.

A digital waste management system can be integrated with RFID, IoT, GPS, and other technologies to amplify its appropriate transportation and management. This, in turn, will save expenses, time, and energy while providing practical solutions. 

Say Hello To A Greener Future

When organizations adopt technological solutions, hazardous waste is not the cause of worry. With the most innovative ideas and technical solutions, there is undiscovered potential for waste disposal and recycling. All we require are creative solutions and centralized frameworks.

If your organization is looking for precise waste management solutions, you must consult the experts immediately. A small demo of this digital system will undoubtedly change the ways of your waste disposal processes by making them more trackable and transparent.

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