Tool Box Talk – Confined Space

ToolBox Talk

A “toolbox talk” is alternative term for a safety meeting. In our earlier blog we had discussed briefly about toolbox talk, It is a 10-15 minutes informal safety discussion focusing on specific current safety issues presented to the employees. Toolbox talks are intended to facilitate health and safety discussions on the job site.

When we think of confined space, it means any space which is large enough and so configured that a worker can enter and perform assigned work in it, has restricted or limited means of entry and exit, is not designed for continuous work occupancy. Confined spaces are prone to some the most dangerous threats resulting in worker lives being lost.

What are the health and safety hazards associated with Confined Space?

  • Confined space doesn’t have enough oxygen they are generally oxygen-deficient
  • Flammable atmospheres as fire & explosions use up oxygen rapidly to prevent your escape and cause death within minutes
  • Confined spaces trap toxic and poisonous elements which cannot be seen or smell. Some can burn or smother you quickly, others have less obvious but long lasting effects.
  • Confined spaces can intensify factors such as noise and heat and can result in related injuries.


Confined Space Entry Program:

  • Evaluate the workplace and designate all confined spaces
  • Coordinate entry procedures with subcontractors, owners and operating plant personnel (where applicable)
  • Post warning signs and entry barriers
  • Test atmosphere to identify potential hazards
  • Lockout/tagout all associated equipment and power systems
  • Restrict entry into confined spaces with entry permits
  • Monitor confined space before and during work entry
  • Provide equipment for communicating, testing, lighting and ventilating, for personal protection and for access and egress
  • Establish rescue procedures
  • Train authorized attendants, entrants and entry supervisors
  • Do not forget to safely close confined spaces after work operations are concluded

This is just an introduction to what is confined space for general understanding. The specific confined space safety working measures will depend upon the typical work situation which should be delivered to the workmen on the day of working.
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