Top 5 instructions in driving safety for new year 2023

Top 5 instructions in driving safety

In today’s hectic environment, there are more distractions than ever on the road, which, if wrongly managed while operating a vehicle, can result in collisions, injuries, or even fatalities.

This is a result of inappropriate driving practices such as speeding, reckless driving, aggressive driving, improper lane changes, failing to give other drivers the right of way, overloading, poor vehicle maintenance, etc., as well as a lack of knowledge or ability about traffic laws and regulations.

Drunk driving cases become one of the most troubling factors in roadway accidents as people make plans and celebrate in advance—in short, as they wait for the year 2023 with wide arms. 

Preparations begin well before, as people are busy raising champagne toasts and dining on all-night open bar specials. Even when the weather doesn’t cooperate, it can be treacherous, as freezing conditions and climatic changes make roads dangerous even for the safest drivers.

To put it simply, we have drivers on-road more often than usual since employees get holidays off work and kids go on a winter break. 

All of this point out to one important instruction – Drive safe (irrespective whatever happens)

Regardless of the type of car you are driving, driving is risky. 

However, as you are aware, driving offers advantages as well. However, there are techniques to keep one safe when driving, regardless of the vehicle you are operating.

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Several defensive driving strategies is one of the important factors that we’ll talk about in this blog, along with the top 5 instructions to help drivers safeguard both themselves and other road users.

Instruction 1: Driving needs concentration

Drivers who are preoccupied while driving are frequently the cause of accidents. 

This can range from eating and smoking to talking on the phone and everything in between. Unfortunately, a lot of drivers think that they may disregard all safety procedures to the point of being reckless by merely being on the road.

Sadly, this kind of behavior contributes to thousands of accidents every day. Although there isn’t a straightforward fix, there are several driving strategies that can help you stay safe.

Despite what many drivers think, driving may be a very dangerous activity. 

As you approach the road, your brain is rapidly processing information. It accomplishes this while considering all the possible risks you can run against while driving. While you are driving, your brain does not want to be distracted by the radio or a phone call that is not relevant.

Instruction 2: Avoid distractions when driving defensively

Your brain wants you to be aware of the surrounding vehicles, the traffic, the road conditions, and other drivers when it comes time to drive. Because of this, it will block out all other thoughts, forcing you to rely solely on your brain.

Unfortunately, your brain won’t be able to focus on the road if you are distracted by a phone call or the radio. This raises the possibility of accidents.

As a result, you should always strive to remain vigilant while driving.

  • Be cautious when driving.
  • Try to keep track of your automobile and the other vehicles nearby if you are preoccupied by a phone call.
  • Verify which lane you’re in, pay attention to the state of the road, and watch out for other cars.
  • Keep to your own lane and practice safe driving if you’re driving and there are people around you. 
  • Keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes and ears on the road when in a car.

All these tasks are easy to complete, but if you are texting or chatting on the phone, your brain won’t be able to accomplish them. The safer you are on the road, the more you should try to limit distractions while driving. Do not assume that it is safe to operate a vehicle while all these items are present.

Instruction 3. Always use a seat belt or a helmet

Always use a seat belt or a helmet when operating a motor vehicle. Some people may find it less convenient, but there is no denying that it is safer.

Instruction 4. Know Your Environment

It’s quite easy to stay mindful of your surroundings. It has the potential to be carried out at all times, even while driving. You’ll have all you need in your head to operate a vehicle safely. But there are numerous other things you can do in your car to stay safe while driving.

Keep an eye on what’s going on around you. 

If you want to be safe on the road, it’s imperative that you are aware of everything that is going on. There may be traffic in front of you, to your sides, or to your right. 

You need to comprehend what they are before you may enter them. Check to see if there is anything you should be aware of, or if there is anything at all.

Instruction 5: Keep your cool when driving

It’s not always simple to avoid an accident when you see one coming up ahead of you. You should slow down and keep an eye on the situation if you notice an accident.

You can encounter worse issues if you try to speed past the collision. There are various situations in which you will find yourself in this predicament, even though it won’t happen all the time. Knowing what might happen if you try to avoid an accident is always a good idea.

Be sure to buckle up, remain seated, and dial 112 (in India) in case you are involved in an accident or injury.

Make it a priority to inform the other driver of your injuries if you are involved in an accident so they can stop. Don’t drive over the individual or cross the center line. Always try to stay aware of your surroundings. Until assistance arrives, you should also remain near your car.

Staying safe as a new year resolution

As we uphold ourselves by making new year’s resolutions, let’s try making driving safety one of them. Whether you stick to yours or not, this remains a great time to commit to positive habits. Following safe commitments can top your list!

  • I shall not drive while being drowsy
  • Shall stay away from mobile phone while driving
  • Stay within speed limits
  • Keep up with the vehicle maintenance
  • Always wear helmet/seatbelt

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