Case Study

Progressive eLearning Programs for a Multinational Conglomerate

Progressive eLearning Programs for a Multinational Conglomerate

Business Case

One of India’s most Profitable organizations with diversified businesses across Energy, Petrochemical, Natural Gas, Retail, Telecommunication, Mass Media & Textiles, approached ASK-EHS with their intention of updating their current training method, by employing our domain knowledge & expertise. With the intention of training their in-house engineers & supervisors, they wanted to develop the modules on the following topics:-

With the primary intention to upgrade & enhance their existing training program, they wanted to employ ASK-EHS’ domain expertise. This needed to be done whilst ensuring that:-


The client had already been associated with ASK-EHS over several projects & had utilized their services to address different HSE aspects through the use of Animated movies.

Judging from the resulting effectiveness of these Animated movies & how it evoked strong responses, making their extensive use in the module would certainly help elicit the visual senses of the user & thereby enhance the retention value.

Understanding the Challenges

ASK-EHS realized the shortcomings that the customer was facing in their training goals.

After a close requirement understanding session with the client, ASK-EHS deciphered the exact points at issue, them being:-

  • Their training modules even though rich with information, lacked the quality of being captivating
  • A lot of major & complex processes were showcased through either plain writing or through flow charts at best

The solution had to be simple, yet effective – developing a completely customized eLearning module specifically for their audience in focus i.e., Engineers & supervisors that could be easily deployed on their existing LMS.

Meeting the challenges

With a close & comprehensive tête-à-tête with the SMEs, Animation & eLearning team, ASK-EHS first developed the content flow of the entire course module. We later:-

  • Ensured a more organized flow of the module by sectioning the content & grouping it as per consecutiveness
  • Translated standards into graphical representations
  • Identified the processes that could be explained through 3D animation
  • Designed comprehensive periodical knowledge checks to ensure user attentiveness
  • Designed the module with our SMEs expertise whilst keeping the client’s objective in mind
  • All custom developed programs were delivered in SCORM compliant packages that could be seamlessly deployed on customer’s LMS

Whilst these eLearning programs were completely & solely developed by ASK-EHS, the essence & intention that the client wanted these modules to have, were in fact, kept intact.

These training modules continue to run on customer’s LMS even today.

User benefits

The module proved to be a great asset to the organization’s training programs as it provided with the following benefits:-

  • User attention increased by 80%
  • The assessment result showed 70% increase in the retention rate
  • Their existing training program gained refinement by ASK-EHS’ domain knowledge

The module not only met but surpassed their expectations. The module aligned with the foresight of the projects, Business Communications & well as the corporate communications team.

It helped them achieve their primary goals as well as lay a concrete groundwork for their long-term goals. A line of topics was then identified which would be converted into eLearning modules with a total duration of 100 minutes.

Following this, this organization’s other line of business approached ASK-EHS to enhance their e-training programs as well.