ASK-EHS Offers Great Opportunities for Training Consultants, Firms, Teams and Individuals to Enhance their Training Portfolios

ASK-EHS offers great opportunities for training consultants, firms, teams and individuals to enhance their training portfolios. Partner with ASK-EHS for promoting and distributing high quality EHS training programs. The main objective is to allow you to enhance your training value proposition and delivery.

Flexible Business Opportunity:

  • Sell ASK-EHS eLearning training programs to your customers
  • In case of exclusive business requirements - collaborate with us for developing customized eLearning programs and promote it through co-branding
    • A customized and mutually agreed framework can also be considered and provided based on the nature of partnership and the business growth potential.
  • Mutually agreed framework for co-branding and co-ownership – depending on business plan and promise
  • Simple eligibility criteria based on number of users, distribution and licensing networks, productive business delivery and enterprising thought process
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Are you an individual, professional, trainer, consultant, recruiter? Or simply enterprising? Now you can earn significant revenue by marketing and selling ASK-EHS' eLearning programs. All you need is a roster of clients and a strong vision to ensure a regular stream of revenue flow into your account. You can sell training programs to your clients and enhance your existing value proposition. You can even recommend industrial customers to develop customized EHS training programs from ASK-EHS to generate a steady revenue stream for yourself.

Our business team offers a support framework which can help you cement your business reputation and credentials.

  • The process for becoming a reseller is pretty simple and hassle free.
  • Great potential to earn steady stream of consistent revenue
  • Strong marketing and sales support from ASK-EHS
  • Superior brand value and support
  • Highly accredited and recognized eLearning programs
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As an institution dedicated towards academic interests of students, you can associate with ASK-EHS for using our existing elearning programs/building fresh elearning programs. These programs could add very high value to your online and distant learning strategies. These programs can be custom developed to meet your academic demands.

As an institute, elearning programs add unlimited value to your reputation and recognition in the current world status

  • Get industry & trade specific training programs that would enhance your existing syllabus
  • You can even enter into a long term partnership for ensuring academic continuity
  • Highly cost effective rates (far lesser than those provided to industries) Send Inquiry
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