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Certified Scaffolding Training

  • Approved and Certified Scaffolding Training Institute
  • Certified Scaffolding training based on BOCW, IS Codes, EN 12811 and OSHA standards with their specifications.
  • Categories of Certified Scaffold Trainings:

    Trainee Scaffolder (Helper) – 1 Day

    Basic Scaffolder – 2 Days

    Advance Scaffolder – 3 Days

    Scaffold Foreman/Supervisor/Inspector – 3 Days

    Scaffolding Specialist / Engineer/Manager – 2 Days

  • Pre and Post Assessment followed by certification of participants.
  • Organizing and conducting in-house and on-field training at ASK-EHS Training Center and Client’s premises.
  • E-learning Scaffolding training also available.
  • Types of Scaffolding System included in the Training:

    Tubes & Fittings

    Cup-Lock System

    Ring Lock System


    Other system scaffold such as Safe lock system, Wedge Lock system, PERI up System ETC.

  • On call and refresher scaffolding training programs for those, who are already involved in scaffolding works.


Last updated: December 2015

  • Having more than 25000 nos. of scaffolding personnel in data base.
  • Trained 20000+ individuals as Scaffolders.
  • Trained 3000+ Certified Scaffolding Inspectors/Supervisors/Specialist.
  • Completed 10 years as successful Scaffolding Certified Training Institution.

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Last updated: December 2015

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