5 Healthy Habits During Remote Work

5 healthy habits during remote work

The year has begun with the celebration of ‘Global Family Day’ on 1st of January– an initiative by UN to promote multiculturalism, pluralism and co-existence with peace and harmony. As a huge pandemic in 2020 had taken a toll on our physical, mental and psychological well-being, some encouraging ingenuities like these are stand extremely significant, with the advent of 2021.

It would not be wrong to say that an office workspace and the company employees need to work as a family, in order to function smoothly in every way. With the promise of the flexibility and adaptability to the employees, Work from Home is becoming a new norm for many.

But, despite the host of benefits that come with Work from home, warnings that being surrounded by smartphones, social media and 24*7 connectivity is bad for us are taking headlines. It, well, all depends on an employee – be it preferring a jam-packed working day or being partial to a relaxed schedule. The ultimate goal for everyone remains appropriate work-life balance, to sustain.

While the rhythms of hard work and rest need balance, one needs to foster healthy habits remotely, especially at home.

As an organization which gives emphasis on safety and health, ASK-EHS values health on prime, amidst these tough times.

Some healthy habits that one needs to endure, for long-term well-being, are –

  1. Take a breath. Rest your eyes. Get some fresh air.

    No doubt, one can take these actions as common sense, but in remote working, one can tend to forget to take care of themselves – especially in case of isolation. Ask for help, when needed to, either do the chores that are important – but never compromise on resting and taking fresh air. For brains to produce enough serotonin, relaxing it is prime.

  2. Prioritize mental health

    Schedules are often kept at bay when employees work from home. Not that they are interested to keep them as it is – other obligations from the family might compel them to do so. To adapt to the changing environment, it needs time – but managerial care can be shown by being understanding and flexible. Not doing so can be a recipe for burn-out. This will help them set healthy boundaries.

  3. Be realistic

    Goals are great – but too much pressure only adds on to the anxiety. Achieving goals can then become a toll. This can quash your confidence. Remember to keep for targets SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-bound).

  4. Never forget breaks, recharge

    Work from home can add stress to the existing tasks because work is always present, either office or home. The brain needs downtime and regular rest periods so that they do not cram all their time into one vacation. Optimal breaks in between ensure optimal recovery – pushing for long periods of time instead of proper breaks hampers the productivity, in each arena.

  5. Learn to prioritize

    The stress builds up more when you try to juggle down tasks – planning them and breaking them down into four categories like: urgent and important, important but not urgent, urgent but not important, neither urgent nor important helps. Productivity is a factor that one can add on to.

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