Animated EHS training videos – A powerful tool to explain and educate

EHS training videos

With every passing second, man is becoming more and more dependent on science and technology. Rising use of social media, tablets and smartphones have enabled more and more contents being watched, online over traditional classroom teaching. Animated videos help creating a memorable concept and clarify complicated topics with the use of audio, images and text.

The same concept applies while imparting trainings. Talking particularly about EHS trainings, the very first objective of any safety management system is “zero accidents”, thus all the plans and procedures are driven by this very commitment. There is a serious need to create awareness and proper training to reduce and overcome the above situation. 

Traditional ways of imparting training with classroom lectures using black boards, text books sometimes fail to convey the complete gist and the information is not retained for a longer time; and quite often long lectures bore students.

Animated Safety Movies and Safety Videos can be very helpful in spreading awareness and impart trainings.

At a Glance

  • Real-time videos can enhance classroom trainings
  • Imparting training to freshers becomes easy
  • Video shooting and animation can be easily combined to address site requirements
  • Easily represents true-to-life situations that learners face every day
  • Animated program can hold the audiences’ attention by portraying emotional touches and being melodramatic to generate emotional response
  • Ideal for demonstrating processes which are impossible to observe and experience in reality
  • Can be developed in multiple languages to cover audiences of various regions & nationalities
  • Animation programs can represent dangerous events without exposing the workers to the hazards
  • As compared to text, retaining power of information presented via videos is more

Video shootings are helpful to represent real time scenarios but there are some situations where you cannot shoot live videos, keeping human lives in danger for e.g. video shooting live incident/accident case in confined space is not advisable. Here is where, animation is useful. It is easier to represent whatever has occurred, impart training and create awareness to avoid future incident/accident. Animated Safety Videos can act as a powerful medium to get your messages across. Being visual in nature, safety videos helps engaging the target audience.

Visitor orientations and other safety trainings can be boosted with real time photos, which is enabled via video shooting. Videos are effective tool, just a click away explaining relevant information in a simpler manner. With animation it is possible to showcase scenes that no camera can ever shoot. Thus information becomes easy to comprehend and is appealing for the learners.

Apart from this, animation and video shooting helps ensuring larger reach in lesser time.

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