Personal Protective Equipment – Door to safety

It is well-known that “It is better to lose one minute in life than to lose life in a minute.”

Personal protective equipment (PPE), is worn to curtail exposure to serious workplace illnesses and injuries. Safety glasses, gloves, shoes, respirators or coveralls, earplugs or muffs, hard hats, vests and full body suits are some of the examples of PPE’s used. Injuries and illnesses may result from contact with radiological, physical, chemical, mechanical, electrical, or other workplace hazards if PPE’s are not wore. PPE is just like a “shield” for the warriors.

Always Remember

  • Never exempt from wearing PPE, for dangerous jobs
  • Depending upon your job, make sure to select appropriate PPE
  • In case of any doubt, always seek further advice from an expert

Many fatal accidents occurs due to improper or not using PPE’s during the work. Although PPE cannot eliminate the hazards; it can help to reduce its severity.

  • Depending on the type of hazard and required protection, selection of PPE should be done,
  • Proper training should be provided to users before using PPE,
  • PPE should be maintained and stored with due care,
  • PPE should be discarded and replaced, if it is found to be defective.

Selection of PPE, according to the Hazards

Body Part Hazard Necessary PPE
Eye Dust, flying particles, gas, welding radiation, chemical splash Spectacles, goggles, welding, grinding, dust etc.
Ear High level noise Earmuffs, plugs,
Nose Dust, toxic gases Dust mask, breathing apparatus, airline respirators, mechanical or chemical filters.
Face Flying objects, hot substance, chemical splash Face shield, welding helmet or screen, face guard
Head Falling objects, shock Safety helmet, safety caps, Headgear
Hand Hot substance, chemical, material handling, cut, sharp edge. Hand gloves of rubber, PVC, leather, fiber glass, electrical rubber gloves etc.
Body Material handling, fire, hot substance, chemical splashes Aprons, coats and pants, PVC suits.
Foot / Leg Striking against objects, chemical falling bodies. Steel toe shoe, gumboots, leg sleeves.
Overall Falling from height, hurt by falling bodies Full body safety harness, boatswain’s chair, rope ladders, safety net.

Personal protective equipment is the last line of defense for the different parts of the body, when all other measures to control the hazards have failed and body is face to face with the harm associated with that hazard. If it is not there or it fails in its objective, injury is sure to occur. This aspect highlights the importance of PPE which in turn requires that it should be comfortable to use at the same time efficient and effective in providing protection.

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  1. Great post. The quote is hard hitting and you’ve provided an easy and comprehensive list of PPE. Safety has to be a priority, both for employees and the organization. Organizations need to continuously remind employees to use the recommended PPE. This can be done through regular sessions and the use of safety signs.

  2. Protective equipments are essential to protect your body from unwanted injuries, infection, and others. The government has made special guidelines in most of the organizations for people’s safety.

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  3. Hi,Very informative and important post regarding breathing apparatus. Also quite a lot of good details about the uses of the equipment. Breathing apparatus sign which indicates mandatory use of it can be life saving. We deal in safety signs and post like these really help us in improving our knowledge in this field. Thanks for the post.

  4. Great Post!! i have read your blog, its very informative. I am so impressed to read this blog. thanks for sharing.

  5. Fully Informative Blog, Interesting to know about the protection from daily hazards in work place of manufacturer industries.

  6. Ensuring safety is key! This blog highlights the crucial role of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) as the door to safety. It’s a must-read for anyone prioritizing well-being in any environment. Great insights!

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