Diwali Celebrations

Diwali Celebrations 2019

Most often when we look at our achievements, the path we’ve traveled – at a juncture in our lives, where we feel its utmost need, with an almost blissful urgency.

Festivals and times enjoyed together as a group offer this opportunity in an elaborate and most cherished format. Diwali and subsequently the ushering of a new year forms the stepping- stone – to reflect, recall and rejoice the engagements, new relationships and wonderful people with whom we lead our meaning lives.

ASK-EHS group celebrate this joyous occasion with the same exuberance and enthusiasm as we commit in our Safety partnership.

The built-up to Diwali celebration saw an innovative idea thrown into the bunch to snazz up the days (24-25 Nov’) with themes of retro-alterative fashion finding its way out of everyone’s wardrobes to ASK-EHS work environs. Ranging from truly classic to eclectic renditions – needless to say, ASK-EHS family had a good fun, laugh and selfie sessions. These two evocative days saw the members at their creative best – the same energy which inspires and motivates ASK-EHS through all our pursuits.

As is the tradition, the follow-up event on the next day 26th Nov saw a gala spectacle of traditional attire matched with modern events programs. The whole ASK-EHS family participated, competed and relished a wonderful day of games and performances spread across several formats. The festive decorations in meaningful colours, designs and the customary Rangoli (patterns and designs creatively purposed using different colour powders) ruled the Diwali celebrations at ASK-EHS

Sometimes, as we are gripped by the sense of nostalgia – it is in those moments, that we reminisce and remember such wonderful instances which’ve led us to enjoy each other’s company and the camaraderie. These moments of pure joy and companionship is what shines and drives us as ASK-EHS when we engage with you, our patrons and partners in Safety, health and environment.

Workforce wellbeing and mental health awareness are key factors which will unlock the human capital potential for a future to come. A future which may look marred by climate calamity – but with such festive occasions as guide – we can steer towards tangible turnaround goals.

Celebration as Diwali have the unique purpose of teaching us newer and better things, which we as a collective, have to learn to create a better and more purposeful world.

Let us strive to find such purpose not only on special and festive occasion – but as part of our own discovery.

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