How Exactly Does The ePTW Mobile App Work And Why Is It Convenient?

ePTW Mobile App

The results have proved how effective permit-to-work software is! Organisations have seen tremendous positive impacts in their work system post implementation of the permit-to-work software. As times and demands change, the software has evolved and moulded itself to provide the best results and statistics. 

One such evolution is the ePTW mobile application. This digital solution has not only increased operational speed and efficiency but also reduced incidents and accidents at the workplace. The convenience of using the mobile phone to report anything and everything to the related personnel has elevated workplace safety. 

Let us look in detail at how the ePTW mobile application works.

ePTW Mobile Application

A PTW software is a 360-degree solution to sync operations, maintenance, and reporting in organisations. It also takes care of the scheduled and unscheduled tasks and maintenance programs. The accuracy of this digital compliance tool has proven effective at all times. Therefore, when the PTW software became a mobile application, it increased operational efficiency and productivity and reduced time for maintenance approvals.

The ePTW mobile app works in the same way as the software does. But it simplifies the workflow further. For example, if a worker must notify the machine maintenance, they must upload the ask on the application. It alerts the concerned authorities and team on their respective devices. Then they can choose from the list of approvals and simultaneously state the reasons for their choices. It makes assigning the time and job for maintenance tasks quicker and easier.

The mobile application also allows to;

  • Generate reports and insights
  • Synchronises the complete lifecycle of permit-to-work
  • Analyse and create JHA (Job Hazard Analysis) and TRA (Task Risk Assessment)
  • Establish and automate a comprehensive action plan for SIMOPS and conflict activity.
  • Shift management processes
  • Implementation of LOTOTO and Isolation procedures.

The mobile app enables workers to follow procedures correctly and have information on the go. Employees can see the permits, work accordingly, and authorities can track the progress in real-time.

Therefore inspections, repairs, maintenance, and preventive actions are carried out seamlessly only after knowing that the permits are approved, and LOTO is in place.

The mobile app offers a single-screen and shared view of isolations, permits, shifts, SIMOPS, and everything required for the PTW functions to be carried out smoothly. The mobile app provides a holistic view for safety managers to access the correct information at the right time to make the right decisions.

Advantages of ePTW Mobile App

An ePTW mobile application enhances and amplifies industrial safety. A corporate lifestyle seldom requires complete safety software installed for all employees. But industrial workplaces are more prone to dangerous incidents and accidents. Therefore, safety measures should be amplified in such places. 

What can be more convenient than a worker carrying a device and making informed decisions from the palm of their hand?

Here is the list of advantages of the ePTW mobile app. Let us tell you that the list can be pretty enormous. Hence we have listed the best ones!

  • It ensures a higher degree of safety, efficiency, and orderliness in the workplace.
  • It decreases the chances of fatalities, incidents, and accidents.
  • It amplifies maintenance and other tasks’ safety, efficiency, and orderliness.
  • It enables easy reporting, measurement, and recording of potential safety threats.
  • It enhances workers’ safety while providing them with robust means of working.

Therefore we recommend you upgrade to the ePTW mobile app if you have not done it yet. This upgrade saves you time and money while lowering your operating costs by increasing employee productivity. It guarantees flexibility and agility while performing the PTW cycle through better communication.

So, integrate the mobile app today to pave the way for happier employees and better productivity!


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