How to Create a Animated Video : 10 Questions

How to Create a Animated Video

Explainer videos that are animated can aid in business promotion. They can raise awareness, demonstrate your capabilities to clients, and tell your story. These kinds of videos have helped brands rise from obscurity to become well-known names. A successful animated explainer video requires preparation, though.

By starting with the appropriate questions, you may avoid making expensive errors and produce a video that advances your marketing objectives. Let’s shift your perspective such that it is constructive.

1. What Is the Goal of Your Video?

What do you want your film to accomplish, in other words? You could create a cartoon explainer film to:

  • Educate your audience
  • Boost your SEO
  • Boost conversion rates
  • Acquire email signups
  • Raise consciousness
  • Boost interest

It’s a good idea to have one main objective in mind, even though you might want your film to accomplish more than one of these goals. You can then plan your video to accomplish that objective. Knowing the measurements, you’ll use to gauge progress also makes it much simpler to keep track of it.

They wanted more people to call them for plumbing assistance. To achieve that purpose, the script, images, and on-screen text all cooperate.

Based on where your consumers are in the sales funnel, you can formulate your video objectives. Are you attempting to contact people who don’t know about your goods or services, people who are familiar with you but haven’t converted, or current customers who require more information about your goods?

Your screenplay, tone, voice, and messaging, as well as the length and plot of your film, are all influenced by your purpose.

2. What Purpose Will Your Animation Explainer Video Serve?

Different platforms can accommodate animated explanation videos. An excellent animated explainer video might be beneficial for your social media, website, and email marketing campaigns. They are even usable offline. A video can enhance presentations or make your trade fair booth stand out.

You may decide to distribute it using:

  • Pre-roll adverts on YouTube
  • The Home Page
  • Specific landing pages for new goods or seasonal promotions
  • Social media channels
  • Your FAQ page or online communities
  • Trade exhibition and other in-person event displays
  • Storefront displays
  • Ads on television or OTT
  • Presentations and sales pitches
  • Emails in bulk

Your video production process can be influenced by your usage strategy. To stand out in a crowded convention hall, a video for a trade show booth or presentation may need to be brief, aesthetically striking, and audibly compelling.

A social media video, on the other hand, might be more personal and should rely less on audio. Most mobile users watch videos without sound. An explanation video that lacks text or subtitles but has a complex soundtrack is probably not going to do well on social media.

How to Create a Animated Video

3. How Much Time Should Your Animated Explainer Video Take?

Your animated explainer movie should typically last between 15 and 120 seconds. The facts are unambiguous: attention rates after 60 seconds, they begin to decline, and they hit a low point around two minutes. You’re attempting to do too much in one video if you feel like you need more time.

Make your main selling point interesting and give it priority. Making many videos would probably be preferable if you have multiple points to make.

4. What issue does your video help to address?

In relation to your value proposition, what advantages does your video provide for viewers? It needs to provide data or a solution to a genuine issue your client has. That could be the requirement to maintain corporate operations, repair a pipe leak, or buy lottery tickets faster.

Your video ought to explain the issue you resolve. It must also be different.

separating you from your rivals. With your film, you can demonstrate to your audience how simple their lives could be if they only had what you do.

5. What Are the Common Concerns of Your Customers?

Your explainer film is a great opportunity to address frequent queries or client objections. Customers provide you with information on how to improve your product to better meet the demands of your target customers every time they ask a question or make a complaint.

FAQs and customer complaint forms can produce some of the best videos. So, get these insights early in the pre-production phase by speaking with your sales team.

6. What Is the Character of Your Brand?

You may not realize how significant this one is. If you’re investing in B2B arbitrage, business, you don’t want a cute stuffed animal promoting your cutting-edge algorithms to potential customers. Of course, unless you do.

Various formats of high-quality video are available. Whether you select motion graphics, 2D or 3D whiteboard videos, or another option, your decision communicates hints about your brand. You want to make animation that is consistent with the character of your brand.

animation brand character

7. Do You Have a Logo and Visual Style?

Include your brand’s unique identity in your animated explainer film if you already have one. To your first production meeting, bring your mood boards, hex colour codes, and established palettes. This introductory video will be an essential component of your website. Make sure it accurately represents your company.

A few of our customers have utilised their explainer films to learn a new visual aesthetic. Others have used the characters and ideas we develop in redesigns and rebrands. Make your film a part of your overall branding, regardless of your decision, and it will be more effective for years to come.

8. Who is your target market?

Are you a B2B or B2C vendor? Who makes decisions for your target market? Consider the locations, characteristics, and possible brand interactions of your customers. You can build characters and storylines that speak to your customer’s experience if you have a clear idea of who they are.

For instance, it is obvious that the video below is meant for business executives. This audience is drawn in by the storyline, character creation, and music.

9. Your CTA

After they’ve seen, what do you want them to do? Your objective is to achieve that. Create a route from your animated explainer video to the objective you’re aiming for.

A single action that viewers may take straight away should be your CTA. This could entail clicking a link, going online, or making a purchase right now.

The conversion rates and ROI of your video can be increased with the correct CTA. Why is “correct” important? It indicates that you’ve selected a CTA that makes sense for the video you’ve made and that you’ve given viewers plenty of motivation to act.

10. How Much Money Do You Have?

Make sure you have approval from your executive team and are aware of the amount of money you can devote to your Make sure your executive team has approved the project and determine how much of your budget you can devote to it. The price of expert explanation videos can vary. The cost will vary depending on the explainer video production business you select as well as the complexity, duration, and style of the video.

Find the best animation studio for your needs by shopping around after doing some research to determine a suitable budget.

It might be expensive to produce an explanatory video. 

This movie should be useful to you for several weeks or even years. 

It may not be the best moment to create an explainer film if your company is about to undergo a big brand refresh or other corporate restructuring.

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  1. It’s a good idea to have one main objective in mind, even though you might want your film to accomplish more than one of these goals. You can then plan your video to accomplish that objective.

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