Office Ergonomics – An Essential Blending of Office Productivity and Healthy Employees

Ergonomics, the term is derived from Greek words Ergon (work) and Nomo’s (law). Ergonomics is also known as human engineering (particularly in USA) which means choosing, designing and working in framework that fits in the physical, mental, psychological and cognitive ranges of human beings. Reducing stress associated with work and thereby eliminating or minimizing workplace disorders and injuries is main motto of ergonomics. Ergonomics should be seen as a ‘win/win’ opportunity to improve productivity and quality while advancing employee safety, health, well-being and morale.

Working in office (mainly air-conditioned) generally brings the notion that people over there have cozy and comfortable sitting, working postures and surroundings. But it is far from truth, sedentary life brings with it a long list of problems. Such issues requires proper awareness and care to remain healthy, active and energetic.

Factors such as bins and shelves that are too high or out of reach, awkward hand tools, uncomfortable chairs, work surfaces at the wrong height all contribute to increased risk of musculoskeletal injuries and negatively can impact productivity.

Effective design applications can lead to reducing pain and costly injuries for employees and improving productivity and efficiencies for the employer.



Workers who often stoop, kneel, lift, grip, work in awkward condition or reach overhead, stretch to do a job are at risk of developing work related musculoskeletal disorder. Such disorders are known as work related musculoskeletal disorder (WMSD). These mainly includes tendinitis, sprains & strains, back problems, carpel tunnel syndrome etc.

It is essential to pay attention to ergonomics for eliminating barriers to work productivity. Employers should pay attention to all the steps to meet employees’ ergonomic needs, so that they are comfortable at their workstations. This in turn reduces physical stress on a worker’s body, excludes many potential injuries and disables work-related musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs).

If ergonomic principles are overlooked in work tasks and equipment’s, there are full chances that workers will face challenges like awkward postures, exposure to vibration, physical stress, repetitive motion, overexertion, heavy lifting and strain.

Thus there is need that Ergonomics Training should be given due importance.

Ergonomics Training is essential to:-

  • Reduce occurrence of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs), cumulative trauma disorders (CTDs) and repetitive stress injuries (RSIs)
  • Increase comfort and productivity
  • Decrease fatigue, pain and injuries
  • Decrease indirect costs
  • Health insurance, workers compensation and lost time
  • Safer jobs with fewer injuries
  • Increased efficiency and productivity
  • Improved quality and fewer errors
  • Improved morale

The recommended ergonomic measures should be followed earnestly to remain safe, energetic, active, and healthy which is good for people as well as organization.

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