Competencies an Employer looks for while Hiring any Professional in EHS field

An employer is always in search of competent, capable, committed manpower for its organization. It becomes more challenging to get all the desired qualities in the candidates hired. With respect to different designations, many EHS positions are found in an organization. Each level of position requires different criteria, capabilities & qualifications to fulfill the job demands.

Before hiring any professional, there should be a clear picture of all the requirements. Now let’s look into the core competencies which an employer or hiring manager evaluates before hiring any professional in the EHS field.

Suitability for the required job: While going through any resume, the first thing which is searched is whether the candidate is fitting into the requirements raised by the organization or client needs. Depending upon the job role the requirements searched vary.

Education/Qualification: For an EHS professional, there are many educational options which one can opt for. From a degree, a diploma or even a certificate program; institutions provide a vast amount of alternatives that prepare Health and Safety professionals for the field. It is necessary that during evaluation of a potential employee his/her educational background is aligned with the needs of the organization.

Skill Specialization: For EHS professionals there are abundant skills to be acquired depending on their field of specialization.

Conversant with Legal Matters, National & International Standards: EHS professional depending on his specialized field should be well aware about the HSE policies, codes of practices, acts, ILO’s recommendations, corporate policy, integrated management, associated legal matters and national & international standards.

Experience: With respect to the level of position, work experience required is different. Evaluating experience is very important for positions which requires ‘C Level EHS professionals’.

Leadership & Commitment: It is very important that the candidate is committed to HSE aspects and exhibit leadership qualities to get the best results. At all the levels of the organization, candidate should promote positive OHS culture in all activities.

Loyalty: The professional hired should be loyal to the company, should have aptitude to learn, should be of value addition to the company as well as to self and should be flexible to work as per the company requirements.

Having proficient safety professionals is important to any business as every employer must meet the Occupational Health and Safety Act and Regulations. No matter how small or big an organization is, the ability to manage health and safety remains the top priority.

For an organization it is required to ensure that the professional hired enhances value to the organization and generates results they can be proud of.

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