Supporting Engineering & Construction Industry for Scaffolding Inspector/Supervisor Training – An Ongoing Program

ASK-EHS successfully works towards supporting and engaging customers to meet all of their EHS requirements with the aim of safety first and quality service always.

ASK-EHS takes pride to acknowledge that we have been selected since past many years to provide scaffolding inspector/supervisor training at various leading engineering, operational and construction companies. We have successfully accomplished this training at 300+ companies at locations like Mumbai, Chennai, Chhattisgarh, Vadodara, Surat, Hazira, Mundra, Jamnagar, Jamul, Dahej, Ratnagiri, Khopoli, Kandla to name a few and still continuing.

Training programs are the best investments for a firm to undertake, helping its employees to be aware and excel in the work they undertake.

Our scaffolding inspector/supervisor training program is aimed to raise a cadre of responsible person for very important but valuable scaffold trade as required statutorily.

Scaffolding Inspector TrainingScaffolding Inspector/Supervisor Training

Scaffolds are very commonly needed temporary installation to facilitate access to workplaces, not provided with permanent facility for approach and working. It has been used ever since man began making buildings more than one story high and needed to find a practical way of reaching and working at height. Being temporary in nature, it is very vulnerable to failure and is regarded as the major contributor of accidents. That is why, it is statutorily required that trained, knowledgeable, experienced and duly authorized responsible person should take charge of erection, addition, alteration, inspection, dismantling of scaffolds. He is the authority to inspect whether the scaffold built is safe and fit for use or not and to suggest corrective measures to make them fit. If the scaffold passes inspection and is declared fit for use green “SCAFFTAG” is placed. ASK-EHS with its core competence and specialist expertise helps the industries in all economic sectors to raise well trained and certified scaffold inspector/supervisor.

ASK-EHS’ success mantra for training is its core EHS knowledge, highly experienced and dedicated staff and training methodology adopted (multimedia presentation- pictorial power points with plenty of real field photographs, narrations, flash player, 3D animations, feature films and appropriate videos).

We are honored to support and associated with some of the major operational, engineering and construction companies & we appreciate everyone’s effort in the same.

If you feel your workplace and staff also requires such training sessions…….Connect to us……You can find full details of our services like scaffolding training and other EHS services on our website.


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  1. Thanks for sharing this useful information with us. Every scaffolder should have to take training before going to work in the scaffolding industry.

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