OSH India Mumbai – Day II

OSH India Mumbai

The concluding day account of the OSH exhibition was a slightly different story from day one. The audience kept growing, as was the norm but what we inherently saw was that our KBC “EHS expert” game gained a lot more attention.

Students and professionals were queuing up at C-48.

Another highlight that was being played out at the heart of C-48 were interviews, exchanges and lengthy discussions. ASK-EHS management engaged with senior and C-level executives who wished to know more about our services. They were keen to explore the synergy that could align ASK-EHS expertise and know-how with their own.

Such a blend of eager and keen crowd deserves an experience which can outlast mere engagements and conversations. This is precisely where our team members armed with our print collaterals and promotional material could point out specifics and affirm the service’s model ASK-EHS has perfected.

A lot of students, from safety and fire safety were stoked to receive the ASK-EHS kit (AKA Gift hamper) with our latest magazine issues and plenty of associated material for their general reading later. We also saw a sizeable number of participants from commerce background, like Ms. Hinali who was looking to switch careers. The ASK-EHS team members took their time out and helped such candidates who have a sentiment for ‘safety’ but didn’t know much else about it.

In the end, a more positive and realistic validation for safety, health and environment was what most of them experienced.

Students in India have habit of picking on certain ‘words and mannerisms’ as they progress through academia. At this exhibition we showed that to grow and adopt EHS as a career, newer and out-of-the-box questions need to be raised and thought about. Overall, a key part of ASK-EHS knowledge dissemination was where our team members realized not only the task at hand, but the joy of sharing our experience with budding minds.

A sizeable number of vendors, associates and consultants expressed their interests by visiting our booth. These ranged from independent trainings, to environment consultancy and product manufacturers or suppliers looking to expand their portfolios.

Some of the big names in safety products also shared, sought and deliberated upon how potential collaborations and knowledge partnerships with companies like ASK-EHS could deconstruct and resolve the challenges, they face within EHS.

While our senior management were absorbed in such conversations and discussions, the other team members were busy answering a range of questions – taking their details to maintain further contact and handing them their guest bags. This was another highlight of the ASK-EHS booth – a special goody bag with useful EHS related information collaterals.

Some of the key takeaways for ASK-EHS team from day one and highlights from day two were:

  • Balance interactions and queries since each one of them deserves the attention and genuine interest which has been demonstrated by the person, they maybe from corporate, industry or a student; all are equally important.
  • “Relate to communicate” help people see the light of EHS importance and its role in keeping us safe, even if this means citing cutting through the jargon and delivering real world examples.

All in all, around 500 visitors came to the ASK-EHS booth. It was testimony to ASK-EHS’ vision of “Integrating EHS in all human endeavours”, as all of them left with a huge amount of valuable information, knowledge and insights related to EHS. This further established the position that ASK-EHS enjoys – that of an Indian organization leading the EHS movement in India and across the world.

For our guests and visitors, we hope that the engagement and conversations were as positive as ASK-EHS team felt they were and we would like to establish a further connection through this two part blog. If you haven’t already expressed your interest, please write into: osh.india@askehs.com and let us know what you think.



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