Rethinking change and coming back stronger

Rethinking change and coming back stronger

Today, managing change has become a lot like surfing – waves form, roll, rise at peak and break. There remain patterns and often the difference between catching a wave and missing it completely beholds in the capability of understanding the characteristics of its formation.

However, getting on the right side of the wave is incredible, exhilarating and empowering – likewise, harnessing change becomes a source of advantage.

The change frequencies and interdependencies that we have experienced in the last few months, are new and full of lessons for mankind. When we realize that everyone is interconnected, and can survive when adapt in harmony, our existence becomes enduring.

Leading change and strong squads

An industrial approach to master these changes, nonetheless, remains notable. Riding the waves of unending changes require approaches that are steady, efficient and most importantly, sustainable. By altering their traditional ways of working (transition to digital), they have stepped up and gotten into position. This is the right setup they have been creating to succeed – commitment and moving forward although, is necessary.

One thing that has taught the individuals is the better planning about the future.  When majority of time is spent in execution mode and not enough time is allotted to water watching and adjusting the position in order to be ready when the right wave arrives, change makers invariably lament the lack of insufficient time for crucial tasks.

Timing and readiness becomes critical, and are definitely the top two things that leaders can influence and realize. Even if they commit to change and go, it takes time to get the hang of it. Yes, there are leaders that often opt an easier route – they undercut by operating, creating an illusion of nothing has changed. Which imperils commitment and trust, two traits that remains key in transformations.

What one misses to notice is that growth comes with change. Nurturing this mindset shows that the industry will act as a springboard for growth and shall never miss the chance to stretch the existing abilities.

An unprecedented amount of flexibility and agility is needed – by carefully studying the responses, leaders can look for clues as to what they can start, stop or continue.

Tweaking the survival mode

In short, to support and reaffirm makes people feel safe and gives assurance, in such times.

Change superstars aren’t outstanding at everything, but their hard work and dedication of reorienting their culture towards nimbleness and action serves the purpose.

Talking about the common masses, COVID-19 perfected the saying that everyone is in communion – be it with the nature, work we do, and the health habits that follow. While awareness about health and safety remains at peak these days, people are looking up to safe ways of working, travel, and even leisure.

A substantial shift and change is visible here too – the new normal is now in execution and day-by-day, adapting to it is becoming more believable. Though one cannot say or comment that which is better, one should definitely make peace with it.

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