Biomass electricity: New boiler technology enables use of all agricultural residue

May 30, 2022

Around 2.6 per cent of the country’s electricity demand is met by biomass.

Biomass-based electricity is gaining attention, as the country moves towards power generation that is not carbon-intensive. A new biomass-based boiler technology introduced this year claims to accommodates all kinds of agricultural residue as fuel and can be greener and may also help reduce the burden of stubble burning.

The new Denmark-based technology allows the plant to fire a wide range of fuels with less fuel preparation and handling, and mainly avoid the energy-intensive process of briquetting and pelletization that adds to the power generation cost. The flexibility of using any form of biomass also reduces the cost of transporting the fuel from a longer distance. This in turn saves energy and emissions due to transportation as well.

Source : Down To Earth