Safety Management Consulting Services

Supporting the Implementation of Safety Management Systems

SMCS, is a system based on proven and globally accepted Safety Management practices. It incorporates all rewound processes within the larger scope of identifying specific requirements for finding appropriate solutions and implementing these solutions in right earnest. In addition to this, what gives us the competitive edge, is the integration and support, driven from our self-developed technological systems that ensure reduction in effort and maximization of output with minimum chances of human error.

It evaluates organizational safety culture & re-engineers it for reaching world class safety Standards & Benchmarks. We specialize in provisioning a paradigm shift in an organization’s safety culture and transform it into a Safety Champion. We’ve proudly served over 1 million users in 600+ customers spread across 30+ different countries worldwide. Our efforts have been recognized and rewarded through prestigious awards and renowned felicitations making us the preferred choice for implementing safety management systems.

A Safety Assessment Approach Using Safety Enablers and Results

Our re-engineering methodology entails 5 broad stages that define the outcome in a measurable manner. We begin by building governance and follow it up by identifying the needs. Based on these 2 stages, we commence the development of the fresh safety management systems and draw a blueprint / roadmap that would allow us to achieve the expected outcome. To that extent we use our technological proficiencies for developing tools that act as great support in the overall governance, administration and processes of safety. Finally, we continue to support the owner safety teams through periodic reviews and validations for a sustainable outcome.

Reduce the Risk and Increase Productivity

As a precursor to the implementation, risk management is an all important aspect that needs to be addressed for bringing about a cultural transformation. This is an important exercise in safety – irrespective of any industry whether iron & steel, chemical, metals, or oil & gas, petrochemicals or any other. Hazard identification, mitigation and management remains as one of the highest priorities in the quest for high safety performance.

ASK-EHS is involved in various levels of high hazard process management (Risk Management) by using available techniques such as Bow tie, HIRA, HAZOP, QRA and others, depending upon specific requirements of the particular industry and/or organization.

Building and Developing Skills, Capabilities & Competencies

We believe that while individual experiences count, it is extremely important to become aware of the specific possibilities arising out of the project. This allows these professionals to co-relate and actively come up with relevant solutions to pressing challenges.

Based on available data and requirement analysis,

  • Highly professional EHS team develops specific training modules
  • In-house Graphics and Designing Team assists the development
  • Supported by in-house 3D Animation Studio
  • Team of In-house Trainers and External Specialists
  • National and International (multiple language) training modules and availability of highly qualified Trainers

A thorough pre-assessment acts as a predecessor to identify skill & competency gaps. The training is then imparted using a judicious mix of home grown lectures, presentations and safety videos which allow audiences to understand the message that is being conveyed in the best possible manner. Audiences are engaged in the training through group discussions, response polls and assessments questions. An important aspect of training are field exercises or practical (hands-on) training. A post assessment follows on completion of the training program to ascertain and measure the results.

Technology Driven Tools and Applications for Enhanced Implementation of SCMS

Extensive research led us to different ways of enhancing the overall delivery of training and the administration of SCMS. We began developing innovative tools using 2D & 3D animation, Simulation aided training, Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) and AI driven technologies for enhancing the safety performance. Our accomplishments include;

  • Developing over 2000 hours of customized safety animation movies
  • Diligently developed AR / VR modules for specific and ‘high hazard’ centric training
  • Multi-lingual delivery
  • Visually captivating images and sequences in 3D animation format;
  • simulation based technical training

    Crane operator

    Fork lift Operat

    Work at height

    Heavy Machinery

    other specific training for contractorrs

  • Highly interactive and engaging e-learning programs

Our research also found out that while all other departments were using software / IT enabled tools and applications, the safety teams struggled through by using conventional ‘pen & paper’ based systems. We started to custom develop software enabled tools & applications that would make the life of the safety team easier. Over the years, we have built a successful platform which houses 30 different modules of software that address each & every aspect of safety management.

Our software platform and repository includes;

  • EHS Management Software (Includes over 25 different modules)
  • Permit to Work Software
  • CMS – Contractor Management Software
  • Scaffolding Management Software
  • Mobile based Applications for specific EHS management like;

    BBS Management

    Near miss & Incident Management

    Hazard Reporting

    Safety Observations & many more…