Future of work

Future of work

Drawing considerable attention in the past few months has been Microsoft – this time, for its 4-day work week experiment. And its immediate deliverables were better productivity and a drop in short-term sick days (planned sick leaves as some workplace cohorts call them).

While all of us enjoy talking about Utopian workplace dreams – most of us never embark on this flight of fancy – lack of organizational support, absent camaraderie or simply the combined organizational “shipping freight like weight” which no one wishes to steer.

People rather enjoy steering clear of such manoeuvres – its shows presence of mind in modern corporate fiefdoms.

However, if we draw attention to the fundamental needs of innovation, creations of remarkable purchase and extraordinary products – the key factor which glues the complete story together is always human.

We are social animals who despite of having strong individual opinions – herd together as a collective and drive decisions related to change.

Future of work is change – It is deeply rooted inside the concept of change that digital technologies are now unleashing upon our lives and workplaces. Change is the consistent variable – in the sense, that it presents itself with significant frequency and yet becomes a ‘determiner’ of variability and unique conditions.

Future of work is human – It is not about the productivity metrics and micromanagement work routines that will ultimately win turnaround fights. Human sensibility and trust engineering would help alleviate the deceptive corporate malfeasance that have prevailed over the past two decades – in form of economic, banking and climate heating crisis.

Future of work is inclusion – It is a characteristic of the only known living and intelligent life forms – humans, to place more and more emphasis on material value. However, the growing conflict, regional disparities and economic slowdowns call for a better socio-economic resilience. Inclusion across genders, identities and human values will bind this utopian resilience.

Future of work is diversity – It is a fundamental trait of progress and effective way of life. Diversity underpins and overcomes weakness in society, economy and ideas that cannot be achieved via singular ideologies. Diversity helps elevate even the weakest of the constructs by better optimisation and harbours growth

Future of work is recognition – Taking cognizance of our thoughts, ideas and styles so that the fittest emerges and the most adaptable becomes the best fit. The model of singular hierarchical growth isn’t sustainable as climate heating tells us. We would need to recognize the signs of our own decision making fragility through better inquiry and thought recognition.

While we create technologies and stick to our screens and explore the vast unknowns of digital plains – the inward inquiry and reflection like most great minds of our civilization – should not stop. It should never cease to yield to a short-term profit model which can last a few decades or centuries.

In our biological context, climate heating is a four-decade debacle now being unleashed on our existence by our own short-term profit model. Future of work is better ecosystem which leaves room for proliferation and prosperity.

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