International fire fighter’s day – hats off with blue and red ribbon

International fire fighters' day

A firefighter engaged during the rescue work shared this experience in his own words on the International Fire Fighter’s Day  on the fire that engulfed at a tutorial coaching center in Gujarat.

He said that the day was an abysmal day of my life – one that I cannot forget.

“The fireplace broke out between 3:45 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. (IST). An electrical contact in air conditioning started a fireplace on the bottom floor near a staircase on the rear side of the building.

The fireplace quickly spread, engulfing the third floor and also the makeshift dome on the terrace of the building. There have been about 50 to 70 students within the coaching center at the time. Two shops and several other vehicles parked near the building were also destroyed in another fire ignited by the blaze.

We reached there about 13 minutes after getting the data. The fire brigade arrived with 19 fire engines and two hydraulic platforms. They doused the fireplace in an hour and rescued several students; however, several had jumped off the building to avoid wasting themselves. 22 students have died – 18 girls and 4 boys, aged between 15 and 22. Of these, 16 students died due to fire or asphyxiation, 3 died as they jumped off the terrace of the building, and three succumbed to the fire-burns they sustained. No one except the firefighters dare to jump into the blazing fire casualties – although we saved many lives, we still regret the lives of those 22 children.”

Around 2 years back Gujarat faced a black day. On 24 May 2019, a hearth occurred at a tutorial coaching centre located on business complex in Surat. 22 students died 11 were wounded within the building’s terrace. The fireplace was started by a brief circuit on the bottom floor; the scholars within the coaching centre were trapped by the destruction of a wooden staircase.

Understanding the importance of firefighters

Fire prevention, along with the need for a more intensive and thorough training is one amongst the most vital aspects of International Fire Fighter’s Day –  Firefighters and their agencies round the world are constantly stressing fire prevention, in schools, to the community, at public events, at assemblies and even to their own families.

The safest thanks to keep fire fighters alive and residential to their  families is training . In many paid fire departments, there’s a compulsory amount of required training for every individual to complete within each shift.

Unfortunately, it’s not the number you train but how you train – that requires intense and realistic ways. This remains ideal in the International Firefighters’ Day stresses – the requirement for correct training is the one that has to be met, and thus IFFD is a chance to try this exactly.

One among the most aspects to celebrate this present day is fire prevention and also the need for more intensive and thorough training.

Emergency fire safety planning is the planning for save life 

International fire fighters' day

Modern Indian construct of cities has been labeled as a pile of tinder awaiting the next electric short or kitchen fire to engulf the very lives of its residents. Hazardous material handling especially for flammable and flammable chemicals is often an unregulated activity, little does the neighborhood know.

To initiate fire safety publicly spaces, the foremost feature should be to possess an emergency preparedness plan. It’d likewise cover other emergencies but ward wise planning can a minimum of present glaring bottlenecks within first round itself.

Large gated communities concentrated in spaces must be prompted about their emergency fire safety planning, rather than having a ‘tit-for-tat’ approach of spot fines and warnings, also, integrating citizens and homeowners in such initiatives would extended because of creating the correct impression.

Conscious errors of poor construction planning, casual approach, neglecting fire safety and lack or absence of fireplace safety introduction can then be escalated to serious warnings and severe fines.

International fire fighters' day

Firefighters are a must ensure to competence, necessary training & re-skilling which cover complete aspects of anti-arson techniques, hazardous material control, disaster preparedness, and public fire safety and education to became the stepping stone to be the foremost effective in their chosen field of saving the dear lifetime of people using their technical knowledge of fireside Prevention & Fire Fighting.

The putting in of commercial Plants at a quick pace with extensive use of hazardous materials and also the construction of larger and taller buildings have multiplied the issues of fireplace fighting.

The fireplace hazards aren’t any longer confined to big cities and manufacturing centers only. Vast quantities of hazardous commodities are daily moved by different modes of transport all across the country posing complicated fire rescue problems.

HATS OFF to our fire fighters from ASK-EHS 

International fire fighters' day

On this International Fire Fighter’s Day (May 4), ASK-EHS recollects the past firefighters who have lost their lives while serving their community. On a daily basis, we aid and extend support and appreciation to the firefighters worldwide who still protect their communities throughout the year.

By proudly wearing and displaying blue and red ribbons pinned together, ASK-EHS proudly says “Thank you” to firefighters everywhere.



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