Save Lives with Scaffolding Tagging System

Scaffolding Tagging System

Scaffolding is a very important and unavoidable means of access management to take up work at an un-facilitated location.

It’s a temporary means of support, for maintenance & service mostly used by trades in the building, construction industry, and operating plants. Most of the construction companies approach scaffolding management contractors/consultants to develop a safe scaffolding execution system. The configuration, shape, and support systems vary depending upon the work situations during construction, repair, and maintenance phases but the basic materials, fittings, and components remain almost similar and at every step “SAFETY” remains the watchword and central theme.

Scaffolding happens to be one of the biggest contributors of accidents – fatal, serious, and ordinary throughout the world, due to unplanned and haphazard work methodology, untrained manpower, inadequate and inefficient supervision, and overall management failure.

Scaffolding Tagging System

Scaffolding Accident Statistical Analysis

According to a survey done by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), some 4,500 workers are injured every year in scaffolding falls, about 50 of those injuries result in death. One out of every 10 work-related deaths is caused by a fall. Falls are the most common cause of construction-related deaths in construction industries.

Inspection Prior to use

The EHS regulations and various standards prescribe scaffolding made of timber, steel tubes, aluminum tubes, or prefabricated frames. Many types of scaffolding that may be erected on a site depending upon the physical environment of the work area. However, there are safety precautions and recommended work practices common to all scaffolding.

Scaffolding Tagging System

Scaffolding Tagging

Scaffold tags are used to protect the lives of workers. All scaffolds should be inspected & all-access shall be fitted with SCAFFTAG Safe to Use or Do Not Use Scaffold.

For any type of scaffolding –  No- tag No access means that the scaffolding is not suitable for use, because nothing is known about the subject scaffold.

Scaffolding Tagging Guidelines

  • Scaffold tags are used to safely control how and when scaffolds are used.
  • Scaffold tag indicates the type of scaffold and precautions to follow while on a scaffold.

It is universal practice to use a scaffold tag system with the following color schemes: Green, Yellow & Red.

Green Scaffold Tags

All components present, scaffolding fully erected & is ready for use- for the class of duty mentioned on the tag, e.g.- light-duty, medium-duty, etc.

Red Scaffold Tags

Unsafe; do not use. A Red sign indicates that something is defective and the scaffolding has been declared as “NOT FOR USE”.

Yellow Scaffold Tags

Incomplete and should not be used.

Before using the scaffold, ensure it has a ‘green tag’ hung on it.

In India, Yellow Scaffold Tag ceased to be used due to confusion among the workers.

With regular inspections performed by a scaffold Inspector and compliance with local regulatory standards, the accidents & death due to scaffolding can be controlled.

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