The People-Centric approach is the need of the hour

The People-Centric approach is the need of the hour

In these uncertain circumstances, we all are going through the same emotions, same anxieties, and the same anticipation that everything is going to be normal as before. Creating a People-Centric approach is the need of the hour and the way forward.

“Sorry, I won’t be able to report for duty today. One of my family members is feeling low. I have to manage everything in my home front as my maid stopped coming to work due to lockdown.”

A message like this is relatable in the ongoing circumstances.

Many organizations that consider themselves ‘people-centric’. They will have a company- people policy. They will have constructed an environment designed to offer a relaxed, comfortable experience. They will pride themselves on their communication and collaboration. They will have a social aspect to the workplace that brings people together and create a positive atmosphere.

Staying positive and upfront

For many organizations and the employees who work for them, this period of working from home has highlighted that a lot of what they thought was ‘people-centric’ about their business, was actually ‘employee experience’.  And it couldn’t be replicated through remote working. The scenario completely changes in every aspect.

The People-Centric approach is the need of the hour

People-centric means:

  • Seeing the human being behind the job designation
  • Tailoring management strategies based on the individual
  • Having honest and open conversations with employees by their managers and HR Person
  • Creating actionable outcomes that provide scope for development
  • Getting the best out of every person, irrespective of circumstances
  • Supporting managers with value-driven training programs

This extremely long duration of pandemic and as a result, work from home is leading to seclusion, frustration, stress and the importance of mental health also gained momentum, people are being aware of it and openly discussing it. Organizations should come up with the available mental health solutions for their use and complement this with HR policies for employee overall wellness.

Leaders and top management need to show empathy and kindness to all the employees. This is the time to showcase the culture of the organizations and to build trust and loyalty.

Further, for everyone, gratitude is a thankful appreciation for what we receive, whether tangible or intangible.

This shall enable us to apply the same in these tough times. One can apply this to the past (by retrieving positive memories and being thankful for elements of your childhood or past blessings), the present (not taking things for granted as they come), and the future (staying hopeful and optimistic that there will be good things arriving).

Our brains are wired to take note of when things go wrong. But keeping a gratitude journal — writing down things you’re thankful for — makes you more aware of when things go right.

We at ASK-EHS, always put emphasis that we are all in this together. A communication channel is always an option. We support and understand if any of our employees feel drained physically, mentally, or emotionally and need to take few days off. No matter what happens, we always prioritize our employees.

For such approaches, extending support to help each other will help in building emotional connections and put their 100% support and trust behind the organization’s leadership.







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